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Who eats all the pie?

Having submitted the assignment from hell last week, I get the chance to play at today’s #MakeoverMonday. It’s a visualisation of the wage gap between the different divisions of the English football league, comparing the average wages of the 1984-85 season with those in 2015-16.

The original version is here.

My first #makeovermonday

As a break from various other stressful things going on at the moment, I’ve decided to take part in my first #makeovermonday, as hosted by Andy Kriebel of the Information Lab, who I saw speak at the London Tableau User Group a couple of weeks ago.

The idea is that Andy posts a visualisation that he’s found, and then he has a go at making it clearer and better, and invites us to do the same.

So – here’s my first go. It’s based on an article in BusinessInsider entitled Travel agents are a relic of the past — and hotels could be next. I’ve tried to illustrate the huge magnitudes of change in the revenue generated by online hotel bookings, alongside the provided comparison of the decline of travel agents, by using a percentage change from the initial value for 2000.